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About Vijay Joshi

I am Vijay Joshi, a freelance consultant, web developer, blogger and tech author from New Delhi, India. This blog is an online playground for my experiences, findings and some occasional rants on web development. You will find here ready to use code snippets for day to day problems in PHP, MySql, AJAX/JavaScript/jQuery.

In the web development world, I am :

  • Full stack Web Developer since 2007
  • Freelancer since 2010
  • Author of this blog
  • Co-founder of The Developer Lab – A web development company based in New Delhi
  • Author of PHP jQuery Coobook from Packt
  • Technical reviewer of PHP Ajax Cookbook and jQuery UI 1.8: The User Interface Library for jQuery
  • Web consultant to various companies in Delhi, India and Paris, France and UAE


Web development is not only profession but also a passion for me. I believe that one cannot work/perform for long if one does it half-heartedly. If you love your work, it is like hobby, is never boring and never feels like a job. I love working with LAMP and this motivates me each day to learn something new.
Moreover, learning new things is a simple formula. The more you practice, the better you become each day.

Technology and Tools

I use PHP as primary language on server side, MySQL as database, jQuery/vanilla JavaScript on browser.
Here are the tools that I work with almost daily.

    • PHP
    • MySql – PDO
    • jQuery/JavaScript
    • WordPress
    • Laravel framework
    • JSON
    • REST
    • Firebug


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